Your online store deserves to be discovered!

Your online store deserves to be discovered!

Setting up your online store is hard. Like really hard. There’s a world of things that go into setting up your inventory, creatives, stores, coupons, analytics, CRM, payments, offers— all that, and then some more. We at UrbanPiper have singularly focused on making the task of setting up your online store as simple as possible. It would take you merely a week or two to have a compelling experience like this or this or this. But the more we took businesses online, the more we realised that we’d only solved one problem to discover there exists another compelling one — discovery!

Enter Search Engine Optimisation or as is better known SEO.

There’s a rather funny, but pertinent quote:

The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search.

In a world where there are billions of sites competing for a user’s attention, setting your online storefront up is, unfortunately, like a baby step. We knew that our framework had to address a sizeable portion of the discovery problem, or the value proposition we bring in will erode as time goes by. Besides, a merchant has so many operational things to take care of, that SEO would certainly be a casualty, should our platform fail to get the job done with the least bit of overheads.

Introducing Muklear — the optimisation framework which will power all our sites to make them easily crawlable and indexable by Google and every other search engine.

So what exactly are we talking about here?

Rich indexable URLs with auto-SSL

When it comes to indexing websites, Google and other search engines lay a lot of weightage on the trust factor of the site. A site served from an HTTPS domain is any day going to score more points than an unsecured HTTP site. Simply put, Google just prefers sites which are secured!

Keeping this in mind, all our sites come with an automatic, self-renewing SSL certificate. And guess what, it’s all for FREE! Nope, we won’t charge you an extra dime for securing your site. Your users will be protected and Google will take note. You’re welcome.

Sensible URLs, lots of them

When it comes to the structure of your website URLs, search engine crawlers like it if they can make some sense of it. The more human-readable it is, the better for your site’s discoverability. A URL like:
is certainly going to be frowned upon, as opposed to say something like:

This is but only the most basic of recommendations when it comes to URL structures. We’ve got you covered not just with the structure of the URL, but we’ve made sure that every product category and every product gets its own dedicated, structurally correct URL. And guess what, there’s nothing extra you’ve got to do. All you need to ensure is that the title of your items and categories are descriptive and the rest of it will be taken care of by the muklear framework.

<title> and <meta> (description) tags

When a search engine crawler moves past your URL, the next thing it looks for is the title and meta-description tags. While these tags don’t make a big difference to your page rank, it certainly helps in displaying relevant content for the links that get listed. Think of it like the visual impression that your link makes on a user going through a list of URLs to pick one to visit.

Where your <title> and <meta> tags contribute

And here too, we made sure that you do not have to sweat the slightest bit. The title and description of your items and their categories are automatically used to populate the relevant information for these tags. Ding, ding and ding.

Don’t forget them <h1> and <h2> — we sure haven’t!

Finally, when it comes to the content of your page, any search engine would want to spend the least bit of time to make the maximum sense out of it. Sort of like answering the question: what exactly is this page all about?

That’s where the <h1> and <h2> tags play a lot of role. These are standard HTML header tags that search engines like Google consider important. Something like the role of a name field in a form about you. We’ve made sure that we don’t miss out covering this base for you. Every single category and item page has the most important content clearly marked with an <h1> and <h2> tag.

That just about raps up the awesomeness of the Muklear framework. But it ain’t the last of it. In the coming days, we’ve got some remarkable features that we’d roll out into the framework to further enhance the user-experience of your online store. Psst speed, we feel the need for speed!

Make sure to check out the other incredible features of the UrbanPiper platform, and of course, we would love to hear from you should you have the slightest urge to set up your online store