Introducing Gamma- An insightful dashboard for POS partners

Introducing Gamma- An insightful dashboard for POS partners

With the online-ordering marketplace experiencing an unprecedented surge, restaurants are now able to reach a wider audience. These marketplaces are playing an important role in increasing the brand value of the restaurants. But, with this new stream of business, restaurants are suddenly exposed to a new set of operational overheads. Here’s how —

Every aggregator brings in their own dashboard — orders land upon them. The store managers have to now manage these orders across multiple dashboards, as well as punch them manually to the POS system to be on top of things like inventory, menu management, and reconciliation. This requires a lot of time and additional effort that eventually leads to :

  • Missing order status updates
  • Manual errors
  • Missing updating inventory
  • Missing orders

Therefore, it’s essential for restaurateurs to manage all the online orders (from multiple dashboards) efficiently through their POS — central focal point of the restaurant’s business. While restaurant owners are leveraging the UrbanPiper integration layer to resolve this broken experience (by linking the food aggregators to their POS), the POS community is also latching onto the UrbanPiper platform to cater to the growing needs of their merchants. This helps POS Partners to get high customer retention value which is the major factor in the sustainability of any business.

When we saw our POS community growing really fast, it became important for us to acknowledge the need for building systems that facilitate the growth of each member of the community. This was the inception of Gamma — an insightful dashboard for POS partners.

Before understanding what gamma does, let’s understand the landscape and challenges:

The number of POS partners integrating with UrbanPiper are growing. So, are the number of merchants POS partners are onboarding with UrbanPiper. This means, there needs to be a way for managing the lifecycle of POS partners plus the lifecycle of merchants they are onboarding.


In the rapidly growing POS community with UrbanPiper, it was important for us to give our partners an easy-to-use dashboard to ditch the manual process. The intent was to streamline the above-mentioned processes of the POS partner’s journey with UrbanPiper. So, to give our POS Partners a bit more flexibility, we’ve just launched a web-based application — Gamma.

The Gamma delivers focuses on:
1. Help POS partners in the integration phase to plan and track the integration process.
2. Provide them with an easy way to onboard new merchants and track the stats of live merchants.

Want to know how? Let’s dig a little deeper to understand the key workflows of Gamma!


The first step in the lifecycle of a POS partner is Integration. With Gamma, POS partners can not only track the list of API to be completed but also plan out the development with the help of certain time constraints associated with each API.

This is where the Gamma dashboard provides the central repository of all integrations features. The POS Partner can log in to the dashboard to check and maintain the integration status and the enhancements that we roll out time and again. While working on integration for a particular feature one can check the status they are in:


The pipeline, as the name suggests, is the funnel of merchants that a POS partners want to onboard on UrbanPiper. At this stage, POS partners share merchant details like num_of_outlets, avg_order_volume, platforms_to_integrate which helps the Urbanpiper’s onboarding team to provide the necessary support in taking them live.

Once the Pipeline is created and the integration is done — the process of onboarding kicks in from within Gamma. This means a business portal can be created in the UrbanPiper system right from Gamma by the onboarding team.

Single dashboard for tracking the onboarding status of a merchant helps in reducing manual overheads

If merchants that need to get on-boarded are not added in a pipeline view, they have to be sent manually through emails, excel sheets, etc. However, this is not the case when Gamma is being used, as all the merchants along with their details are present in the Gamma’s Pipeline — making an automated central repository.

Merchants lifecycle management

Each merchant has to go through a defined status lifecycle from being on-boarded until active. Gamma dashboard provides POS Partners with the transparency to see the status/stage of the lifecycle their merchants are in.

Here, the POS partners can see the list of on-boarded merchants along with the number of outlets, their orders count and status in which they are in. Let’s have a look at how POS Partners can stay updated about the different states of their merchant’s lifecycle:

Note: Also, any change in the state of merchants, as well as integration status, demands a mandatory comment to bridge the communication gap.

Bring it all together

When having a significant amount of merchants, it’s very important to have an overall picture of what’s going on. With Gamma’s dashboard, it is possible to see —

  • The sum of orders that comes from all the merchants that a POS Partner has,
  • The number of features integrated with the POS
  • The total churn count.

Our new tool helps POS Partners stay on top of everything by bringing all of the information they need into one place. It reduces a lot of manual processes that earlier the POS partners had to perform. This not only created chaos but also increased the cost of human resources that a POS partner had to bear.

Wrapping up

We’ve had the honor of more than 100 POS Partners’ trusting us to help their merchants automate their online restaurant businesses over these years. In the past year, there has been an exponential growth in terms of the number of partners we power and in turn the number of orders we process for their merchants.

However, our enthusiasm to provide a great experience doesn’t end here. We look forward to providing our POS Partners the automated invoice system and further evolution of the Gamma dashboard. Stay tuned :)

Log in now to use this feature first hand and send us your feedback and suggestions on our support channel. We’d love to hear what you think. To get started weaving this new tool into your growing business or to inquire more about it, head this way.