How To Increase Sales on Swiggy & Zomato?

How can you as a restaurant get ahead in the game and stand out amidst this vast ocean of restaurants competing with each other? Use these tips to up your digital game.

How To Increase Sales on Swiggy & Zomato?

Suppose you own a restaurant and are looking to increase sales or organically grow your restaurant marketing, the first step is to list your restaurant on Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon Food, and all the upcoming food delivery apps in your region. However, platforms such as these are populated with a wide range of restaurants giving every consumer a plethora of options to select from. How can you as a restaurant get ahead in the game and stand out amidst this vast ocean of restaurants competing with each other? -

Studying the food tech and food industry closely, here are some tips that will help restaurants increase sales on food delivery apps. This is a useful guide for restaurant owners as well as restaurant marketing professionals.

1. It’s All About The Discounts!


Discounts are one of the most attractive elements while browsing for food online. Quite often, an offer provided by one app over the other might prove to be the clinching factor. Therefore, ensure that discounted items are lined up first in the list and marketed heavily on apps such as Zomato and Swiggy. Try running discount offers on festivals and weekends as a celebratory offer to get in bulk orders.

2. Use Pictures To ‘wow’ Customers


With Instagram and Snapchat, food pictures are becoming a top priority for most consumers, & it is essential to make your dish 'Instagram ready'. Restaurants should segregate their specialty dishes and symbol them among the 'chef's special' category on food delivery apps. These dishes draw the attention of the customers right away and when confused with what to order, a chef's special recommendation helps customers make a decision. Ensure that this chef's special food item is very visually appealing and very descriptive with attractive adjectives.

3. Capitalise on ‘Social Proof’ by having ‘Bestsellers’


All restaurants have bestsellers, and that is another way to help consumers in decision making. Pick your bestsellers and categorize them when listing your menu on food delivery apps. Most bestsellers of restaurants include repeatedly ordered items, cost-friendly dishes, and have an 'out of the box' element. As highlighted earlier, there are a plethora of options available and customers can suffer from fatigue from relentless scrolling, this is when best sellers can help customers make a decision.

4. Ensure Your Dishes Get Discovered


Food descriptions and food item names are a crucial part of all restaurants in the food industry. Item descriptions on physical menus in restaurants precisely describe all the ingredients of the food item paired with a catchy name. However, when listing menus on delivery apps, restaurants need to keep in mind search-friendly words or what consumers would type to search for a dish

Once that is done right, and your food items search values are high, it will lead to more users visiting your websites, or apps, and then converting. Use category names such as 'vegetarian', 'burger', 'cake', 'spicy', 'sweet', and other common category names that customers search for when ordering food online.

5. Go The Extra Mile & Accept Custom Requests


Retaining customers on food delivery apps is your gateway to increasing sales. Restaurant marketing is of no use if the restaurant's backend team can't provide special service and retain customers. A very special feature that most restaurants miss out on or don't take seriously is special requests.

To give customers the service they would receive in a restaurant, it is essential to consider their special requests like 'adding extra cheese', 'no spice', etc. Special requests play a major part in dessert shops online as customers usually request celebratory notes like 'happy birthday' to be written on the cake. However, most restaurants take this very lightly and don't bother to call up customers on understanding their requests. It would be ideal to take customer requests seriously ensuring that customers provide a great food ordering experience to order.

Additionally, packaging plays a very major role when selling food online. Selling food items on food delivery apps begins with listing the menu online and ends with dispatching the order successfully. Therefore, the packaging is very important as the food has to travel to the customer's place, and packaging that will be leaky or wet will be a complete letdown. Opt for intact and firm packaging that will keep the food safe.

The Final Word


Providing a completely seamless customer experience via restaurant marketing on food delivery apps is a definite way for restaurants to increase sales. The online food ordering market in India is expected to show an annual growth rate of 7.9% in 2021-2024, according to Statista. This showcases that online restaurant marketing is a great way to increase popularity, drive sales, and higher restaurant revenues.

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