Amazon Food Bolsters UrbanPiper Food Delivery Aggregator Network

Food service delivery aggregators have changed the landscape of the food industry in recent years. Amazon Food has recently forayed into the Indian market, which has been dominated by Swiggy, Zomato and Uber Eats. It is currently operational in select locations in Bengaluru.

Amazon Food Bolsters UrbanPiper Food Delivery Aggregator Network

Global e-commerce giant Amazon has recently ventured into food delivery service in India in May this year amidst a raging pandemic. As order volumes reduced drastically after the initial complete lockdown in the country with major FSA players Zomato and Swiggy taking a hit, Amazon Food rolled out their operations in pilot mode at select locations in Bangalore, with a vision of enabling customers to order from restaurants and dark kitchens that meet the highest safety standards -

The Food Delivery Industry

As the food delivery industry is slowly picking up pace to return back to its original glory, order volumes are steadily rising. Customers have not only resumed ordering food online, behaviour patterns are shifting toward online ordering over dining-in owing to widespread concern regarding the pandemic. With the online food delivery market in India predicted to grow annually at a rate of 30.55%(revenue) and 10.19% (# of users) between 2020 and 2024, Amazon’s strategic decision to foray into online delivery couldn't have come at a more apt timing- for if not now, then when?

This is definitely welcome news for the restaurants as this means an added delivery channel, and potentially, another source of revenue, at lower commission rates than what they had been paying so far to the aggregator platforms. Amazon Food has already tied up with major brands such as Box8, Freshmenu, Faasos, Paradise Biryani, Mad Over Donuts and Adiga’s. Supported by the formidable logistics infrastructure that Amazon brings to the table, restaurants can improve their supply-chain and fulfill increasing customer demands without fail.

Amazon & UrbanPiper

An important contributor to a smooth functioning supply chain is immaculate backend operations. Although Amazon Food provides the perfect opportunity for F&B brands to increase their revenue, an added channel of sales certainly adds to the complexity. As brands continue to sell on multiple online platforms, it becomes increasingly difficult to be operationally efficient while managing orders across multiple platforms. Integration experts UrbanPiper have now tied up with Amazon Food to help brands effectively maintain a positive Restaurant Health Index by overcoming the problems of multi-platform menu management, missed orders, manual order punching, and a multitude of other issues that come with omni-channel order management. With the Amazon Food & UrbanPiper integration, businesses can -

  • Manage order coming in from Amazon Food and other e-marketplaces that they may be listed on directly from their POS (Point of Sale) - Thus empowering brands with a single dashboard to manage orders coming in from multiple online mediums.
  • Get instant order status updates
  • Manage inventory and update their catalogue across all online channels in real-time from a single integrated platform.

The world adjusting to the ‘new normal’ has had a ripple effect in the whole F&B industry- making way for big fish like Amazon to make its entry. By streamlining operations effectively, restaurants and cloud kitchens can make the most of this recent disruption and flourish.